Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before You Buy Your Wedding Veil

When you are ready to purchase your wedding veil there are some aspects that you will need to consider to in order to get the right look. By answering the following questions you will have a better idea of what you are looking for in a wedding veil.
1. Do You Want To Draw Attention To A Feature On Your Wedding Dress?
If you have a lovely detail on the back of your gown you don’t want to hide it behind multiple layers of veiling – you should select a single tier veil that is sheer enough and not to heavily embellished to let the detail be seen through. Or you might like to keep the veil length short so that it does not cover the detail in the gown.
2. How Long Do You Want My Veil?
Think about the type of ceremony you are having and the location of your wedding. Is to be formal then by tradition a long veil is usually worn. On the other hand if your wedding was a very casual then a shot veil or even a birdcage veil might be more fitting.
3. How Many Layers Do You Want?
The best way to determine how many layers you want would be to try on different styles and lengths of wedding veils when wearing your wedding gown and shoes to see how each of the look on you. The reason for this is that some

veil styles and lengths may alter your shape and could make you look unbalanced by making you look heavier or shorter than you really are.
4. Do You Want A Plain or Beaded Wedding Veil?
If you have a dress that is heavily beaded you may not want to choose a veil that is heavily beaded as it might look overdone. On the other hand if your dress is plain then a beaded wedding veil might be just the thing to complete your wedding day look without going over the top.
5. Do You Want and Edging On Your Veil?
Gowns that are plain with no embellishments look good with a veil that has a lace or ribbon edging as these become a feature. If your gown has embellishments you might want to have a veil is not edged which will make it look light in appearance that not draw attention away from your dress.
6. Do You Want A Blusher Veil?
Blusher veils are usually worn for a formal wedding – the traditional purpose of a blusher veil was to hide the brides face until the vows have been said and then the new husband will remove the veil to see his wife’s face for the first time. Some brides like Kate Middleton Duchess of Cambridge who wore a blusher veil for her wedding due to tradition other brides will choose not to wear a blusher.
7. Do You Want A Silk Or Nylon Veil?
Apart from the price difference between the two – with silk tulle costing considerable more than nylon tulle, the way each of the materials drapes and feels is different. Nylon tulle is slightly stiffer and will give a more puffier look than silk tulle which will give a softer drape and need more fabric to gather to create fullness.
8. Does The Veil Color and Trimming Match Your Dress?
The color of the veil and trimmings should all match your wedding gown as not every white is the same shade or tone. You should try an match the colors of your veil and trimmings as closely as possible to the color of your dress and the only way to do this is bring the dress or a sample of the dress fabric with you when looking for veils.
Now that you have answered the above questions you will have good idea of the type of veil that you might like, but before going out and making your purchase have a final fitting with your wedding gown to make absolutely sure that it is the look you are after.
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