• APV operates in an expansive facility on 14-acres with manufacturing, laboratory, and warehousing.
  • With a diverse range of manufacturing equipment, batch sizes can range from one to 8,700 gallons.
  • APV is certified to the quality standards of ISO 9001:2015
  • EPA Establishment No.96197-oh-1- We have an active EPA-registered foreign and domestic pesticide-producing establishment.



Types of equipment:

  • Horizontal & Three Roll Mills
  • Dual Shaft Mixers (200 to 2,500 gallon)
  • Stationary Blending Tanks (100 to 8,000 gallon)
  • Rail & Air Mixers
  • High Speed Dissolvers (150 to 8,000 gallon)
  • Rubber Churns (10 to 500 gallon)
  • Pneumatic Ram Mixers
  • Ball Mills (10 to 800 gallon)
  • Filling & Labeling Equipment
Manufactoring capabilities



Standard packaging options available:

  • Aluminum and caulking tubes
  • Eight (8) ounce bottles
  • Pints
  • Quarts
  • One (1) gallon cans
  • Five (5) gallon pails
  • Fifty-five (55) gallon drums
  • Totes (typically 250-350 gallons)
  • Direct fill into tanker trucks
Labeling Pails with Private label



  • APV works with a variety of freight vendors to optimize delivery-time, best handling, and cost.
  • Customer accounts with freight providers can also be utilized for distribution.
  • APV ships chemical products globally with distribution and representation in 26 countries.
Private labeling and packaging


APV’s certified to the quality standards of ISO 9001:2015 with design. Overall, quality is a strict core value at APV and we have many ways that we work with clients for quality assurance. Here are a few:

  • We have batch-making experts assigned to customer-defined recipes and with system controlled mixing and physical property instructions.
  • Our QC laboratory is outfitted with the latest testing equipment and every batch is inspected to our clients’ specifications.
  • Our manufacturing equipment can be temperature and moisture controlled if required.
  • Pigments are ground and dispersed in-house and monitored to the grind specification of the client.
  • Specialty filling options are available for unique packaging types and criteria can be defined by the client.
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Manufactoring and quality specs



Cleaner filling line

APV is an active EPA-registered foreign and domestic pesticide-producing establishment. We manufacture, fill and ship sanitizers, disinfectants, liquid soaps, and cleaner products under our customers’ private label.

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Labeling Pails with Private label

From DIY retail products to industrial paints, we have the capability to produce and custom fill solvent or water-based products.  APV can manufacture to a range of physical property specifications, such as viscosity, colors, solids, particle size distribution, and moisture content, etc.

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Sealant tube

From adhesives for the specialty label and car wrap industry to DIY products for construction markets, APV can manufacture and fill customer-owned recipes for adhesives and sealants.

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Pigment dispersion grind check

Pigment dispersions are a specialty at APV.  We have a variety of equipment from horizontal mills to ball mills to high speed dispersers with multiple blade-types. We can grind pigments to our customers’ particle size requirements.

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Natural Rubber cut down prior to being solvated

APV can mill, pelletize, and disperse bulk rubber compound into custom solvent blends for use in adhesives, cements, inks, and coatings.

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reviewing batch ticket

APV’s capabilities are expansive! We have produced a broad selection of niche liquid chemical products for our customers.  Contact us today with your contract manufacturing needs!

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