Fifteen Popular Wedding Themes You Wouldn’t Expect

Brides used to stick to the traditional church wedding with a small reception in the church hall. Those days are over. Even when they have a church wedding they often hold the reception at a different location using a variety of themes that are anything but traditional.
Here are a few of the more unusual themes brides are choosing:
Movie or theater: This is often done in an old theater. Instead of cake; popcorn and candy is served. Posters of the bride and groom can be made that look like movie posters. A video can even be shown of the couple’s romance.
Cartoon characters: Yes, some brides have opted for Disney characters or other cartoons for their theme. This could be anything from Cinderella to The Little Mermaid to Snow White.
Casino night: If your bride likes lots of glitz, glamour and fun; then a casino night might be the extravagance she’s looking for in her reception.
Super heroes: Whether it’s Batman or Wonder Woman; super heroes wedding themes are a good way to show the world how powerful you feel about your changing life.
Disco Fever: That’s right, disco still lives. Crank out the disco ball and watch it spin. Listen to tunes from the disco era and dance the night away.
Gothic Fright Night: Believe it or not; some young couples want to incorporate gothic costumes and dark images into their wedding day.
Pirate’s Plunder: Ahoy mate. This can be a unique and fun theme; especially for a beach wedding.
Tropical Island: If you enjoy casual beach wear and drinks with umbrellas you might want to consider a tropical theme.
The Great Gatsby: For those who love the lavishness of the roaring 20s; a Gatsby theme is the perfect over the top night. Lots of glamour and glitter is needed.

Twilight: Many young woman found this to be the ultimate love story. They are now incorporating it into their wedding plans.
Alice in Wonderland: This whimsical classic tale can use a host of unusual characters and decorations.
Sports: For avid football or baseball fans they might want to use their favorite team colors and decorate with sports memorabilia.
Carnival or Circus: This lends itself to a host of colorful booths and food choices. From cotton candy to dunking booths; this theme will be fun for everyone.
Family Heirlooms or Vintage Wedding: If you’re wearing your mother’s wedding dress, your grandmother’s pearl necklace, and having the same songs your parents had at their wedding; then you have an heirloom wedding in the making. If you prefer to simply go with old style music and attire you can create your own vintage wedding.
Seasonal wedding: Each of the four seasons can lend itself as a unique theme. The pastel colors of Spring, the earth tones of Fall, the cool tones of Winter or the brightness of summer; they all work perfectly as wedding themes.
As mentioned earlier, some of these themes are carried through in the choice of location and wedding ceremony.
Others are just used for a non-traditional wedding reception.
But when a bride comes to you with unusual ideas; let her know your bakery can handle whatever wacky wedding idea she can imagine.

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