Country Vs City Weddings

Country Weddings
There is definitely something magical about the idea of a country wedding: having a wedding reception in the sunny countryside, taking photos against the backdrop of rolling fields and gazing at the stars on your wedding night.
Country weddings are considerably cheaper than city weddings so they are ideal for couples with a tight budget. It is also better value for money. If you choose to have your wedding on a farm, you can usually invite however many guests you desire.
A popular choice nowadays is to hire a barn wedding venue with accommodation incorporated. This is a great option if a large number of your wedding party are staying the night as you can often negotiate a reasonable price with the owner. A barn wedding venue with accommodation also provides you with a beautiful setting to take your wedding photos; views of fields and forests definitely win over wedding photographs with concrete buildings in the background.
Country weddings are best for wedding parties that wish for a relaxed day. Away from the hustle and bustle of the big smoke, the country setting provides the couple and guests with a day of escapism. It provides an idyllic location where the wedding party can spend time with each other away from the stress of the city.

City Weddings
The words glamorous, stylish and chic come to mind when one thinks of weddings in the city; think Carrie Bradshaw’s ceremony in Sex and the City. Cities are home to a multitude of potential wedding locations, such as clubs, town halls, museums and hotels.
City weddings tend to be more expensive than country weddings, but there is so much choice when it comes to accommodation and venues that you are bound to find something you love that also falls in your budget.
Most couples who want to get married in the country tend to choose a barn wedding venue with accommodation included. However, a perk of getting married in the city is that there is a lot of variety. This ensures that your big day will be perfect because you can mix and match your venue and accommodation.
Catering is a significant factor to consider when choosing between the country and the city. Cities have an abundance of caterers that are able to provide the finest cuisines, finding this in the country will certainly be a lot more difficult.
Another perk of getting married in the big smoke is transportation. Getting your whole wedding party to the middle of nowhere in the countryside may prove difficult. At least if you choose to get married in the city you are surrounded by trains, buses and various other transport links.
If you are looking for a more laid back and purse-friendly wedding, hiring a barn wedding venue with accommodation may be the way for you to go. Or do you fancy a sophisticated, contemporary wedding? If so, you should consider searching for your dream venue in the city.
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